South Portland Guitar School

Define your goals – Achieve your goals

adult guitar lessons

You know what you want to achieve as a player and you want results.  I can help you achieve your goals by guiding you through this process.

Whether you are just beginning, want to achieve greater proficiency in techniques or work on a particular genre, let’s do it together.

I took up guitar in my mid-fifties with absolutely no musical ability.  Although intimidated by the prospect of taking lessons I signed on with Greg. Greg worked with me for two years playing the type of music I wanted to play. We chose the songs that I wanted to play with Greg's assessment ensuring it was within my ability. He was very patient, adjusting his methods accordingly to my progress, which was slow. Quick to  celebrate my victories he would introduce music theory at the appropriate intervals of each song. Playing with Greg has given me the confidence to continue to improve my skills and to experiment with new ones.  Wish I had taken it up fifty years ago!

Joe B.