South Portland Guitar School

Bass lessons 

bass-guitar lessons

Bass guitar is a versatile and unique instrument with a different role and technique from that of a 6 string guitar.  It is often a student’s first choice for "jazz ensembles" at their school. Greg offers the full range of bass technique and styles.

- 4 & 5 String bass
- Rock, jazz, funk, blues, country
- Slap bass
- Tapping technique
- Writing effective bass lines
- Walking bass lines

I took guitar lessons from Greg for several years. He really helped me discovery the type of style I enjoy playing which is rock, jazz, and blues. He is great at mixing in theory and chord progression with improvisation. Greg was also able to get me into a band with other students and we were able to play several local shows as well as record one of our original songs. Greg helped my songwriting flourish and I still use techniques that I learned from him today.  

– Diana M.