South Portland Guitar School


Blues has been around for over 100 years! I teach all the skills that every guitarist needs to effectively play the blues.
  • Standard 12 bar blues and variations
  • Minor key blues
  • The music theory of I IV V
  • Pentatonic and Blues scales
  • Getting out of the "Pentatonic Rut" with arpeggios and modes
  • Studying the masters - SRV - Clapton - BB KIng - Albert King - Hendrix
  • Developing your ear

I took guitar lessons from Greg for several years. He really helped me discovery the type of style I enjoy playing which is rock, jazz, and blues. He is great at mixing in theory and chord progression with improvisation. Greg was also able to get me into a band with other students and we were able to play several local shows as well as record one of our original songs. Greg helped my songwriting flourish and I still use techniques that I learned from him today.  

– Diana M.