South Portland Guitar School

• Lesson packages:

4 weeks of 30 minute lessons| $ 90 (only available for kids under 10yo)
4 weeks of 45 minute lessons| $140
4 weeks of 60 minute lessons| $180

• These rates are discounted by being paid monthly (4 weeks).

• Individual lessons may be scheduled at the following rates:

1 30 minute lessons| $30
1 45 minute lessons| $45
1 60 minute lessons| $60

• Cancellation policy:

• Cancellations will only be granted for illness or other unavoidable situations
• 24 hour notice is required for cancellations.
• Lessons not canceled within 24 for hours will not be granted a makeup.
• Students must make up cancelled lesson before the next pay period.
• Failure to attend make up lessons will result in the loss of the prepaid lesson.

Although these are my policies, I can be flexible within reason.  Contact me if you have particular needs.  I realize that things come up from time to time and will always try to accommodate my clients as best I can.