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Guitar and bass lessons for teens

teenager guitar lessons

Teens tend to have very defined tastes in musical styles as well as interests in specific bands.  They have already taken it upon themselves to want to learn.  I teach them in the styles and songs that inspire them, while helping to guide them along their path. I remember growing up as a teen musician and how I wanted to be taught.  Teaching teens over the years has also educated me about the latest bands and genres. When requesting to be taught specific songs, they keep me current and relevant as a teacher.

I took guitar lessons from Greg for several years. He really helped me discovery the type of style I enjoy playing which is rock, jazz, and blues. He is great at mixing in theory and chord progression with improvisation. Greg was also able to get me into a band with other students and we were able to play several local shows as well as record one of our original songs. Greg helped my songwriting flourish and I still use techniques that I learned from him today.  

– Diana M.